Everyone at the magazine couldn’t be more thrilled with Blake’s work ethic and demeanour,for me Personally it was a huge help and he was always willing to put in the extra hours without any complaints.
— Beren Hall, Director of Visual Media, Stab Magazine

                                           Email me or give me a call at 0422450072

2016 has brought me some of the best moments and adventures of my life, so thankful of everyone who helped out along the way, especially my parents!. 2017 is looking like another crazy year filled with more amazing projects and adventures. Hope to see you somewhere along the way! Contact me at: www.blakewilton.video Featuring: Jordy Smith Joel Parkinson Adam Melling Ryan Callinan kelly Slater Connor Oleary Caleb Tancred Riley Laing Shane Holmes Jackson Roberts Wade Clemens Kerry Down Robert Coote Motocross: Joel Lalicz Skaters: Bryce mckean Unknown Jedd mckenzie
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